LINKS Network Communications Ltd. are proud to be VIPP Distributors for PatchSee ®
and are able to provide this unique " intelligent patch cord ".

To get a FREE demonstration kit see the bottom of this page!

What is PatchSee?

PatchSee cables involves the use of one colour patch cords (black), for all services, with colour markers that clip onto the RJ45 plugs at each end to denote what service they are used for.

The customer is supplied with a special light emitter that when attached to the patch cord, emits two beams of light via fibre optic cores built into the patch cord to the other end of the cord for ease of patching identification.

These patch cords are competitively priced to compare with good quality normal patch cords and meet all current standards.

Why use it?

Light identification of both extremities of a Patch cord - Gaining on time
Wide range of lengths (16 ) - UTP or FTP - all customers requirements
Removable Clips - 16 colours available - Easy colour coding system
Warranty for 1000BaseT applications - Cat.5e & Cat.6 - Quality and reliability
Reference and length printed on each boot of the patch cord -Traceability
Each patch cord is individually tested - Individual Serial Number

To find out more details or request a quotation, please contact us on:

01621 814375

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