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This information provides an introduction to LINKS Network Communications Ltd. and is intended to be an overview for customers who require an insight into the services that we offer. Additional information, product demonstrations, etc. can be provided on request.

Who Are LINKS Network Communications?

LINKS Network Communications Ltd. are data & voice IT cabling installation and project management specialists providing a comprehensive range of products and services, combined with our long term commitment to provide our customers with quality data & voice IT solutions from project feasibility to client acceptance and handover.

What Can LINKS Network Communications Offer?

Service Portfolio
Structured Cabling Systems
LINKS are able to provide a complete solution for the design, installation and commissioning of data and voice structured cabling systems to the client's requirements, which include: -

Category 5e/6/6a (Nexans & Connectix etc.)
Voice CW1308 multipair backbone cabling
Fibre optic cabling (multimode & singlemode)

The use of these cable network systems enables the implementation of cabling solutions of the highest quality and the ability to offer up to a 25 Year Warranty on some solutions.


Equipment Enclosures

We provide secure enclosures to house passive and active equipment with a wide range of sizes to meet the user requirements to provide the required flexibility: -

19" Presentation
Wall mounted small enclosures
Floor standing larger enclosures
Cooling fan trays
Ancillary equipment shelves
Power distribution units
Cable management accessories
Castors or plinths
Flat packed or pre-assembled

Networking & Connectivity

LINKS can offer a wide range of network active equipment, supplying hardware to meet the customer's requirements and in-house manufacturers preferences. For example: -

10/100/1000 Layer 2 & 3 Fast Ethernet Switches
Gigabit TX & FX Switches
Managed & Unmanaged Switch Technology
Transceivers & Media Convertors
Uninterruptible Power Supplies

3 Com                 ZyXel
HP Procurve         Netgear
D-Link                 APC

PatchSee "intelligent patch cord"

LINKS Network Communications Ltd. are proud to be VIPP Distributors for PatchSee and are able to provided this unique patching system that involves the use of one coloured patch cords (black), for all services with coloured markers that clip onto the RJ45 plugs at each end to denote what service they are used for. The customer is supplied with a special light emitter that when attached to the patch cord, emits two beams of light at the other end of the cord via fibre optic cores built into the patch cord for ease of patch cord identification. This means no more time consuming tracing of patch cords when making moves and changes, ensuring a minimal 'down-time' for client's staff. These patch cords are competitively priced to compare with standard patch cords and meet all current standards.


Performance, Reliability and Network continuity

LINKS Network Communications in partnership with PatchSee are pleased to present this unique RJ45 Intelligent Patch cord with light identification. More than a million companies worldwide have benefited from this system and even consider Intelligent Patch cords as the best patch cords on the market.

Product features:

- Light identification of both extremities of a Patch cord - 'Gaining on time'
- Wide range of lengths (16) - UTP or FTP - 'all customers requirements'
- Removable Clips - 16 colours available - 'Easy colour coding system'
- Warranty for 1000 Base T applications - Cat.5e & Cat.6/6a 'Quality and reliability'
- Reference and length printed on each boot of the patch cord 'Traceability'
- Each patch cord is individually tested 'Individual Serial Number'

For more information or to place an order, please contact us on : 01621 814375

Client Services

Project Management

Full project management from planning, development, installation, pilot, roll-out to in-service support including:

Project & programme planning
Work Breakdown Structures
System design
Installation schedules
Commissioning specifications
Maintenance support procedures

System & User Documentation

Full system user documentation in electronic and hard copy format including:

Operations & maintenance manuals
Cabling & wiring schematics
Test certification
Patching schedules
Preventative maintenance schedules

Specification Services

LINKS are able to specify the initial system for the purposes of preparing a full system specification prior to tender or evaluating third party tender submissions against the Client Requirement Specification to confirm compliance.

Client Requirement specifications
Project Requirement specifications
Installation & Commissioning specifications
Third Party specification verification
Tender compliance evaluation

Why LINKS Network Communications Limited?

LINKS Network Communications Ltd. offer complete 'One Stop' service solutions to our customers for all data and voice applications including ongoing support.

LINKS can offer a comprehensive design and installation service for Data, Voice and various other communication infrastructures with applications ranging from extending a simple Local Area Network (LAN) to providing a fully interleaved premise distribution system taking into account resilience & future proofing.

LINKS provide a service to its customers to meet their agreed requirements, first time, every time and within budget using customer satisfaction as the foundation of our commitment to quality.

LINKS Typical System Warranty

A typical system warranty includes the following

Up to 25 Years Product Warranty
Permanent Link or Full Channel Warranty
Guaranteed GIGABIT Ethernet Performance

LINKS Project Management & Quality Control

LINKS offer expertise project management from conception, through planning and implementation to training and support.

LINKS work to the latest Codes of Practice and International standards to ensure that in this fast moving environment we keep abreast of the latest technology.

LINKS Project Examples

Curzon Cinema - Mayfair, London

The object of the project was to provide the cinema with an up to date specialist cabling infrastructure consisting of full Surround Sound Speaker cabling to the Auditoriums, Stage Microphone and Hearing Impaired cabling links plus a Category 5e data & voice system for box office ticket sales, automated ticket sales, bookings, ISDN patron internet access, security and alarm monitoring and an internal/external telephone cabling infrastructure.

Royal London Hospital - Kent, Ashton & Brierley Houses

The building consists of 135 No. Nurse accommodation rooms plus various common room areas. The object of the project was to provide the nurses accommodation with a Category 5e structured cabling infrastructure complete with CW1308 voice backbone, for connection to BT incoming services. A total of 274 No. Category 5e, 4 pair UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair), PVC cables were installed from the communication cabinet to the RJ45 outlets.

Essex Chronicle Series Ltd. - Westway, Chelmsford

The project comprised of the supply, installation, termination and testing of the IT cabling infrastructure within the new and refurbished premises of the Essex Chronicle Series Ltd. in Westway, Chelmsford.

1,027 Cat 5e LS0H cables in excess of 45 Km as well as 835 Cat 5e outlets were installed on the project.

LINKS 'Add-On' Services

In addition to the Network Communication services, LINKS, through their partners, are also able to outsource and project manage other specialised services as indicated below:

Electrical Installations
Diamond Core Drilling
External Duct installation
PC's, Fax's, Printers & Photocopiers
Office Furniture
Computer False Flooring
False Ceilings / Partitions

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